CoatMaster determines powder coating thickness before baking

CoatMaster determines coating thickness of wet paint on plastic

Coating Thickness Measuring System

Operations on Advanced Thermal Optics Method

The CoatMaster first warms up the coating layer and then records the resulting surface temperature cooling process. The process of cooling down depends on the thickness as well as thermal characteristics of the coating. The CoatMaster's algorithm analysis the dynamic cooling process on the surface and returns the coating thickness as well as other characteristics. Everything happens completely non-destructive and without any direct contact of the tested surface. 


  • Automatic measurement during the coating process in coating lines and laboratories
  • Contactless measurement on a distance between 5 and 50 cm in a measuring point of Ø2-50 mm
  • Measurement of complex shaped workpieces and on hard accessible points such as:
    -inner surfaces 
    -concave and convex surfaces 
    -corners and angles 
  • Measurement on all colors without calibration 
  • Measurement on a great variety of materials such as: metals, wood, ceramic, plastics, glass etc.
  • Quality improvements - up to sub-micron precision coatings 
  • Materials savings - save up to 30% in material cost
  • Documentation - prove your quality to your customers
  • Process control - detect and correct process deviations in real-time


  • Polymer and Powder Coatings – before curing and on hot parts 
  • Painted Parts – before or after drying
  • Adhesive and Lubricant Coatings – on structured surfaces
  • Thermal Spray Coatings – even for porous aluminium and iron 

Contactless coating thickness measurement
On complex, curved and shaped parts
Contactless coating thickness measurement
In-line in real-time
Contactless coating thickness measurement
On a great variety of materials


All SaluTron® gauges correspond to national (DIN) and international (ISO, BS, ASTM) norms and possess the CE-sign. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Energy 500 J - CoatMaster 500
1.000 J - CoatMaster 1000
1.500 J - CoatMaster 1500
2.000 J - CoatMaster 2000
Detecting point mark 3 points
Measuring distance 5 cm to 15 cm* - CoatMaster 500
5 cm to 30 cm* - CoatMaster 1000
5 cm to 40 cm* - CoatMaster 1500
5 cm to 50 cm* - CoatMaster 2000
Measuring point Ø 2 mm to 20 mm*
Measuring range
Powder coating uncured
Powder coating cured
Powder coating gelled
Wet paint

1 to 500 µm
1 to 1.000 µm
1 to 1.000 µm
1 to 100 µm
Measuring time 20 ms to 1.000 ms
Movement of measuring object 50 m/min
Standard deviation < 5,0%** - CoatMaster 500
< 2,0%** - CoatMaster 1000
< 1,0%** - CoatMaster 1500
< 0,5%** - CoatMaster 2000
Angle tolerance ± 60°
Power supply 230V AC, 50 Hz
Power max. 2000W
Operating temperature 5°C to 40°C
Humidity < 60%
Dimensions 38 x 51 x 20 cm
Weight 16 kg
Interface Ethernet, WLAN, external synchronization

* depending on the distance / focal length
** depending on the coating and substrate