Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135

Handheld surface roughness tester for external surfaces and grooves

The devices R-130 and R-135 are cheap, easily portable roughness gauges for surface inspections.

During the measurement procedure the sensor moves linearly along the traverse length. The probe moves accordingly to the profile on the traversing length. These movements are converted into electric signals which are amplified, filtered and converted into digital signals by an A/D converter. These signals are then refined in the main processor as Ra and Rz values  and displayed on the screen.

Features and equipment

  • Rotating probe for measuring in 3 different directions
  • Ra and Rz parameters can be displayed after each measurement
  • Portable printer and stand as accessory
  • Cut-off: 0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm (cut-off wavelength)
  • Number cut-off adjustable to 1-3-5 times (at 0.8 and 2.5mm)
  • Filter: ANSI 2RC
  • Measuring principal: piezo-electric
  • Probe diamond: 90o / tip radius of 10 microns and 5 microns (standard)
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • RS232 connection (R-135) for transmitting data to a specific printer or computer
  • Option: cable
  • Maximum tracking force: 1500mp/15.0mN
  • Power supply: 9V battery (Alkaline)
  • Battery capacity: up to 3000 measurements


  • Detects the roughness of hard surfaces, as well as inside holes, openings and grooves
  • For example at: Labs, measuring rooms, workshops, engineering facilities, and many more
Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135
Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135

Standard delivery range

  • R130/R135
  • Protection cover
  • Roughness test plate Ra
  • Battery 9V standard
  • Carrying case
  • Manual
  • Certificate

Optional accessory

  • UKAS certified reference standards
  • Stand for stable testing
  • Tracers for special applications
  • Mini-printer (R130/4200) with printer cable and datacable (set)
  • Data cable for printer and PC (R-135


All SaluTron® gauges correspond to national (DIN) and international (ISO, BS, ASTM) norms and possess the CE-sign.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Roughness parameter Ra and Rz
Measuring ranges Ra: 0,03µm ~ 6.5µm
Rz: 0.2µm ~ 18.6µm
Cut-off 0.25mm / 0.001”, 2RC filter, select (1-3-5) times
0.8mm / 0.03“, 2RC filter, select (1-3-5) times
2.5mm / 0.01“, 2RC filter, select 1 time
Display 3-digit LCD
Display resolution 0.01 µm / 1 µm
Accuracy Meets ISO and DIN standards
Probe Type Piëozelectric
Vorschublänge/Tracing length maximum 4mm
Maximum stylus force 15.0mN / 1500mgf
Filter 2 CR
Stylus tip radius Diamond, 2 micron
Tracing speed 2.0 mm/sec
Power 9-volt alkaline battery
Battery capacity Approx. 3000 measurements
Output RS232 to pc or printer (only CV-R135)
Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
Calibration with the CAL-function using the potentiometer
Dimensions 150x87x35 mm
Weight 450gr

Accessories R-130 / R-135

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Description Product image
Probe R-130 Small bore probe, minimum inside diameter 5,0mm, up to depth of 15,0mm. Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135 - Accessory probe 1560
Probe R-130 Transverse chisel probel for gaging sharp edgeds or small O.D., aligned to axis of traverse. Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135 - Accessory probe 1570
Probe R-130 Parallel chisel probe for gaging sharp edges or small O.D., perpendicular for axis of traverse Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135 - Accessory probe 1580
Probe R-130 Groove bottom probe for measuring the bottoms of O-ring grooves, recesses and holes up to 6.0mm depth. Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135 - Accessory probe 1590
PC cable for R-130 RS 232 cable for connection to the PC  
Mini-printer R-130 Mini-printer with printer cable Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135 - Accessory Mini-printer
Messstativ R-130   Surface roughness tester R-130 / R-135 - Accessory Messstativ