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The production and sale of measuring instruments for non-destructive material testing is our area of speciality. Our experience can provide good technical advice and prompt customer service. The intensive cooperation with renowned institutes enables us to always offer the most innovative technology. The assorted and wide product range covers instruments and devices for measurement of layer and film thickness, hardness testing, ultrasonic measurement of wall thickness, measurement of gloss and colour, surface roughness and tinges of glass measurment, detecting and identifying of cracks and flaws.

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This is what we offer you:

  1. Accompanying you with every step of choosing the right product that will tackle any of your problems
  2. Explaining how to use your chosen device and what things to watch out for while operating it
  3. Working on inquieries, assignments and repairs as swiftly as possible
  4. Optimization of products and services day by day, anum per anum

Through the application of non-destructive material testing devices you will increase the quality of your products
(Exp. flaws will be discovered at earlier stages of production) and reduce your costs (Exp. optimizing the usage of coating medium).

For all applications the suitable measuring gauge

Coating thickness gauges

Coating thickness gauges for the measuring of coating on iron- and non-iron-metals

Hardness tester

Hardness tester for a static and dynamic rapid hardness test procedure

Wall thickness gauges

Wall thickness gauges for non-destructive ultrasonic thickness measuring

Gloss measuring gauges

Hand-held instruments for gloss measuring

Surface roughness tester

Handheld surface roughness tester to determine Rz and Ra

Crack measuring gauges

Crack measuring gauge for speedy non-destructive recognition and identification of cracks

Color measuring gauges

Color measuring gauges for precise color measurement