Surface roughness tester

For measuring Rz and Ra

During the measuring procedure, the sensor moves linearly along the test track. The probe moves accordingly to the profile of the surface. These movements are converted into electric signals which are amplified, filtered and converted into digital signals by an A/D converter. These signals are then refined in the main processor, calculated as Ra and Rz values ​​and displayed on the screen.


  • Probe: piezo-electric sensor with high measurement accuracy
  • Adjustment of the parameters to be measured and the measuring length
  • Integrated sleeve to protect the probe tip
  • For surfaces starting at 40 mm Ø
  • V-groove
  • Protective cap for the diamond-measuring sensor
  • Cutoff wavelength: 0.25 mm / 0.8 mm / 2.5 mm
  • Dynamic display of the measurement process on the display-screen
  • Calibration done simply by using the keyboard
  • Display-screen lighting
  • Battery level warning indicator with audible alarm
  • Measurements possible during charging
  • After 90 seconds Auto-Off / Stand by


  • Detects the roughness of hard surfaces as well as inside holes, openings and grooves
  • For example at: Labs, measuring rooms, workshops, engineering facilities, and many more
Surface roughness tester TR110

Standard delivery range

  • TR110/TIME3110 device
  • Roughness test plate Ra
  • Charger
  • Carrying case
  • Manual


All SaluTron® gauges correspond to national (DIN) and international (ISO, BS, ASTM) norms and possess the CE-sign.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Roughness parameter Ra, Rz
Units µm/µinch
Measuring range Ra: 0,05 - 15,0 µm
Rz: 0,1 - 50 µm
Cut-off lengths 0,25 mm / 0,8 mm / 2,50 mm
Filter 2 CR
Functions Dynamic display during testing, sound signal start-test-ready, auto-off 90 seconds, black-light LCD
Calibration By CAL function
Min. curvature of cylindrical surface from 20 mm diameter (V-grooved base)
Tracing length 6 mm
Tracing speed 1,0 mm / sec
Accuracy Conforms to ISO Class 3
Pick-up stylus Piëzo-electric
Tracer tip Diamond, radius 5 µm
Operating temperature 0°C - 40°C
Power 3,0V / Li-Ion batteries / low battery indication
Charger 9V DC
Dimensions 110mm x 70mm x 24mm
Weight 200 g