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Here we would like to give you an overview of the measurement principle of color measurement in the Lab system. This page serves as an introduction and provides you with general information about the technology of color determination. On the subpages, you will find detailed descriptions of the various color measuring devices we offer.

What is the Lab system?

The Lab system is a widely used color measurement system that is used in many industries for the precise determination of colors. It is based on a three-dimensional color space consisting of the components L*, a*, and b*:

  • L*: This component stands for the lightness (luminance) of a color. The value ranges from 0 (black) to 100 (white).
  • a*: This axis represents the color scale from green to red. Negative values stand for green, positive values for red.
  • b*: This axis shows the color scale from blue to yellow. Negative values stand for blue, positive values for yellow.
How does color measurement in the Lab system work?

Color measurement in the Lab system takes place in several steps:

  1. Light source: A standardized light source illuminates the object to be measured. This ensures that the measurements are independent of ambient light conditions.
  2. Measuring device: A color measuring device, such as a spectrophotometer or a colorimeter, captures the reflected light from the object. These devices are equipped with sensors that measure the intensity of the reflected light in different wavelength ranges.
  3. Calculation of Lab values: The measured data is converted into the Lab system. This is done through mathematical models that simulate human color perception.
  4. Display and analysis: The calculated Lab values are displayed on a screen and can be used for further analysis and comparisons. This makes it possible to precisely determine colors and recognize differences between different color samples.
Why is the Lab system important?

The Lab system offers several advantages:

  • Objectivity: Unlike the subjective color perception of the human eye, the Lab system provides objective and reproducible measurement results.
  • Precision: Through the three-dimensional representation, colors can be described and compared very accurately.
  • Standardization: The Lab system is internationally recognized and enables uniform communication of colors across different industries and applications.
Discover our color measuring devices

Our devices are specifically designed to provide you with precise and reliable measurement results. Whether you are in the textile industry, printing, or the food industry – we have the right device for your needs.

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