SaluTron® - Production and sale of measuring instruments

Through years of experience in product development, production and sales of measuring instruments for non-destructive material testing, as well as striving for innovation, SaluTron® GmbH has been able to distinguish itself from others on many fronts at home and abroad so that it sells its products worldwide today. Our distributors abroad and at home appreciate our product quality and short delivery times. Layer thickness and wall thickness measuring instruments belong to our production range. For special applications SaluTron® GmbH has also developed special instruments for non-destructive material tests. At our customers’ requests SaluTron® GmbH sells measuring and control instruments as commercial articles, so that the customers receive everything from one source.

All our products can be supplied together with a test report upon request. For some years SaluTron® GmbH has been accredited according to EN ISO 9001. This ensures our customers high product safety and quality. Furthermore, we have started futuristic innovative developments that are promoted in cooperation with well-known institutes. This is absolutely necessary to be able to sustain our position in the globalized fields today and in the future.