Universal hardness tester TH-174

Quick and easy

The hardness testers of the TH-series are especially suitable for quick and easy hardness measurements.

They are applicable with almost all hardness measurements on ferrous and non- ferrous metals. Costumers of the product include the power industry, petrochemical industry, apparatus-, automotive- and mechanical-engineering, quality control, steelworks and many more.

Features and equipment

  • For fast, on site hardness testing
  • Integrated impact device DL
  • All hardness units: HL (Leeb), HB (Brinell), HRB (Rockwell B), HRC (Rockwell C), HV (Vickers), HS (Shore D)
  • Large measuring range: 560-950 HLD / 80-950 HV on steel
  • Storage capacity up to 270 readings divisible into 9 blocks
  • Length of the front part: 50 mm , Ø = 4.2 mm
  • PC data transfer via USB to MS Hyper terminal for storing and printing
  • Adjustable display illumination
  • High accuracy: up to ± 6 HLD (± 0.5 %)
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Automatic impact direction detection
  • Deletion of data automatically or manually
  • Limit setting (min. and max. adjustable with an arrow that indicates when limits are exceeded)
  • Software calibration with test block
  • Clear LCD display showing all functions and parameters
  • Optional printer TA-220 available
  • Conforms to ASTM A 956


Fixtures, dies, molds, large parts, narrow spaces, axles, steering knuckles, frames, etc. Furthermore  the device is often used for material identification, and for error checking in pressure vessels and steam turbines. The great advantage of the TH-174 is the availability of getrting to narrow, very difficult to reach parts.

Application area

  • Production of metal and rubber components
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Research and development
  • Solid state physics
Hardness tester TH-174

Standard delivery range

  • TH-174 with integrated impact device type DL
  • Testblock (HLDL)
  • Batteries
  • Cleaning brush
  • Coupling paste
  • Small supporting ring 
  • Instructions manual
  • Software
  • Certificate
  • Plastic carrying case

Optional accessory

  • Test blocks UKAS certified with any hardness parameter


All SaluTron® gauges correspond to national (DIN) and international (ISO, BS, ASTM) norms and possess the CE-sign.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Hardness parameter HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS, HLDL
Measuring range / metallic materials See table
Accuracy Within ± 12 HLDL
Statistics Average (max. 99)
Output RS 232 to printer
Impact device DL integrated
Min. Surface roughness of workpiece 1.6 µm (Ra)
Workpiece max. hardness value 950 HLDL
Workpiece radius (convex/concave) Rmin = 10 mm
Workpiece minimum weight 2 kg on solid support (0,1 kg with couplant paste)
Workpiece min. thickness coupled 5 mm
Workpiece min. case hardened depth 0,8 mm
Indentation depth See page: Impact devices data
Power Rechargeable battery NiMH 3.6V, 70mAh
Charger 9V, 200mA (1.8VA)
Charging time 8 hours
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Overall dimensions 210 mm x 24 mm x 55 mm
Weight 200 gr

Test work pieces and hardness units

The ranges are stipulated by the application limits of the relevant static procedure.

Test work pieces Hardness units
Steel and cast steel 560 - 950 81 - 646 37 - 100 21 - 68 80 - 950 30 - 96